At CX Accountants, our preferred online accounting solution for businesses is Xero

Online collaboration

Working on your accounts with us is easy with Xero. Once set up we’ll be able to log in, look at your numbers and provide advice. This can help avoid problems, spot tax planning opportunities and help you plan expenditure and investment requirements.

Reconcile remotely

Your bank statements are set up to automatically stream to Xero via a secure connection, making it easy to reconcile and gain a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business. And if something doesn’t look right, simply leave a comment for us. We’ll log in and advise you on what needs to be done.

Smart invoicing

Invoices can be sent the moment a job is complete. Because everything is sent through the system, there is a complete trail of when the invoice is sent, when the client opens it and when they pay. It’s also possible to set up online payment links on your invoices to get paid quicker. Invoicing can be automated so that recurring invoices are sent automatically and the system’s reports allow you to easily keep track of late payers too.


VAT can be calculated and VAT returns submitted directly from Xero, saving time and helping reduce errors. There’s a full breakdown report showing exactly where the figures come from to help you understand the numbers.
There are a number of Xero Add-ons which we also assist with. Visit Xero for more details.
Watch this short video to understand how Xero works.


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