Legal Document Templates

Sometimes a business needs help preparing legal documents for contracts, compliance, HR etc, but is not at the stage where it can afford a solicitor. A lower cost alternative used by many businesses, is buying ‘off the shelf’ templates, which can be very useful, particularly in simple straightforward cases. We have recently teamed up with Legalo, so our clients can ...

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Cloud Accounting Systems

cloud with gears in it

Many small businesses are moving their financial systems into ‘the cloud’. This means financial data is stored and accessed online, on systems such as Xero. There’s plenty of advantages when compared to traditional desktop software such as Sage – here’s a brief overview of the main benefits: Automatic back-ups & software updates The software and data is online, so there’s ...

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Small business focus: Credit control

people yelling at a businessman

Staying on top of credit control is key to help manage your business’s cashflow. It also gives you peace of mind. However, it can be incredibly time consuming. In this article I take a look at 6 ways to improve your processes and help you stay on top of outstanding client debts. 1. Change your payment terms Don’t automatically give ...

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7 ways to get ahead with your Self-Assessment tax return

Man running on a path

The deadline for Self Assessment tax returns is not until 31 January, but there are plenty of reasons to make an early start. In this article I’ll give an overview of some of them, alongside tips for making the tax return process a little easier. 1. Register now Common reasons for needing to register include becoming self-employed or starting renting ...

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